Does Music Affect Plant Growth?

Playing music for your plants could seem sort of a strange thing to try and do, but research suggests that any sound, including music, helps boost plant growth.

Music and Growth
Research has shown that any sound has the flexibility to stimulate plant growth. However, that very same research showed that while music helped plants grow, it wasn’t more practical than non-musical sounds.

How Music Affects Growth
The exact explanation for music’s effect on plants is unclear. it’s thought that plants may have “mechanoreceptors” that answer pressure. Sound waves are made from compressed gas molecules. In humans, mechanoreceptors within the ears are able to detect and distinguish sound waves within the kind of pressure as each wave strikes the receptor.

Plant Communication
Plants also seem to pay attention to the vibrations of 1 another. Other research indicates that vibration from sounds like music can turn genes on and off, indicating that plants may “listen” to their surroundings to understand when to specific certain genes. If scientists can gain an improved understanding of this phenomenon, it’s likely that sounds like music may be accustomed promote growth.

Plant Defense
Other evolutionary considerations may have caused plants to develop the flexibility to sense sound waves. The opposite plants then know to ready their defenses or maybe stop growing until it’s safe. There’s also evidence that plants have evolved to reply to vibrations, like those caused by the wind. When plants sense the constant vibration caused by the wind, they will know to not grow quite as tall.