Drain Cleaning Marketing Needs Good Music

From the barely perceptible ambient sound to the penetrating catchy tune, hardly any moving image advertising can do without music.

What music can do in drain cleaning in San Diego advertising?

Establish settings

Musical styles are a simple means of creating the desired setting. Just a few chords inevitably evoke certain images and moods in your head. This includes summer, Christmas, the Middle Ages, pirates, “exotic” etc.

Retrieve emotions

Trust, humor, relaxation, and excitement, the right style of music speaks directly to your emotional side and arouses feelings that can support advertising services such as drain cleaning in San Diego or product positioning.

Anchor messages

Messages as well as claims are more easily internalized when they are linked to a rhythm or a melody.

Music and products or services have to fit

When using music, it is important that it goes well with the advertised product or service. A study found that fast commercial music has a higher arousal potential and arouses more positive emotions than slower ones. That’s why fast music should be a better fit for low-involvement products. Slower music gives what is shown more meaning and depth and should therefore be suitable for products that, for example, address a sense of community. Incidentally, the use of music is also worthwhile on social media, for example around 70% of all Instagram stories are consumed with sound.

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Advertising loves pop music

In addition to other formats such as the corporate sound, the jingle, or the audio logo, the classic song is still popular in advertising. However, existing songs are often licensed for a campaign today, which often makes them more popular. There are countless songs that are often a win-win combination. But only if the product or brand suits the artist. For a brand, this coupling has the additional advantage that the song still reminds the customer of them even if the song is being played separately from the advertising.

The modern advertising song

Even a song specially developed for advertising can lead to success if it is professionally written and produced.

From the lyricist’s point of view in the advertising songs from the 80s is that here the text is not aimed at the product benefit in terms of sales, but is thematically loosely based on the promotion. This and the fact that the performers and the product fit together perfectly make a song authentic and credible.