How to Balance Technique and Making Music Fun!

Like many folks, you almost certainly have a favorite composer, musician, or song. would it not be the lyrics, the mood, or even the orchestration? Though these items might not always be evident, and sometimes confusing, they’re essential components to music creation. As a musician, how are we alleged to learn these components? More importantly, how will we balance learning, theory, technique, and having fun?

To begin to know music at its core, your first need to learn what makes up music. This is often called music theory, which is the structure of music, and the way it’s formed. Some would compare this to the muse of a house. Most students have a workbook within the beginning stages of taking music lessons; this introduces theory in an exceedingly simple form. Students should begin to check theory so as to grasp why their music sounds the way it does. This can be sometimes a challenging area for college students because it often seems redundant, but it’s vital to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable musician.

The technique is the development of a musician’s skills. Basically, you have got to find out to run before you run. this can be where practice makes perfect, you’ve got to practice technique over and over to form it easy and natural. The technique is applied to anything, from how you set your fingers on the piano keys to the way to breathe properly to sing, and might then be applied to the foremost complex of musical pieces. Mastering your technique is crucial to your advancement as a musician.

Most importantly, though, music is fun! My favorite rule is about making music fun while practicing. Balancing theory, technique, and having fun with music isn’t about choosing between the three, but developing them as an entire. Keeping these things in mind, the subsequent time your teacher asks for more work on theory or practicing technique, remember you’re taking the steps to become the musician you dream to be.