Welcome This is the official web site of folk singer and storyteller, Rosalie Sorrels. This is where you will be checking for my travel plans, projects and, of course, the wisdom of Idaho's Traveling Lady! Although I am retired, I am still doing a few interviews here and there. Mostly, I just play in my garden and I hang out with my faithful companion Dudley Studley The Do Right Dog. I want to let you know that I have a special that is available now for $50.00. It is a 2 CD package with an autographed signed 8x10 photo of myself. The CDs are Traveling Lady that was originally produced and hit the shelves in 1972 by Sire Records. The other was Whatever Happened to the Girl That Was and it was released in 1973 by Paramount Records. These have ben unavailable for some time now for over 40 years. They are available now to you by ordering from the website and soon we hope to be in some of your favorite locations throughout Idaho. My last concert was here in Boise at The Sapphire Room at The Riverside Hotel. I performed with Johnny Shoes and Gino Sky and Duncan Phillips. My daughter Shelley orchestrated and planned it along with another concert just before in Twin Falls at The Magic Valley Arts Council. I have been a sort of Ambassador for some 16 years up to last and this year at The Kate Wolfe Festival. My ability to travel has diminished some and I miss my friends there. However, my daughter Shelley still attends every year. I also performed a few songs at The Freight and Salvage with Mitch Greenhill and Mayne Smith along with Nina Gerber and Barbara Rhoades and Terry Garthwaite and many others. Mayne Smith was in charge of arranging this event for me and they called it Raise The Roof. I did get the better part of my roof replaced and am so thankful to them for everything that they did for me. My son and his wife are helping me with the website and my Facebook Page. Please know that while I would like to, I can not possibly respond to every message on there but I do read them and Kevin reads them to me. We are just getting things up and running again and hope to have a smooth journey doing so. I want to thank all of you for visiting my site and purchasing my CDs and for all of the nice things that you say here and on Facebook, as well as all of the encouragement. Last Year I had a birthday party and many of my friends came. Amongst them was Rocci Johnson the Caterwauling Caravan. Bruce Phillips also known of course as U Utah Phillips's sons were there Brandon Phillips and Duncan Phillips. My friend Jack Thibeau and his daughter came to see me and my children were there and Vickisa and Barbara and Steve Friday and Charlzotte Knox and Marygrace Condon and Jackson Ahern came and weeded my garden and cut the limbs hanging down too long off of the pine and apple trees. Then Tom Butts put in a seeping water hose for me and planted tomatoes for me. The Sukiels were there from Kansas City, and Chris from here in town was there and Kathy Miller and Ben Burdick and Bill Liles stopped by and John Hansen and his wife were there and Mark Ross and his wife were there. June Crawford Sanders and her son Mark and her husband Ralph came and helped in the yard as well. My Grandson Ryan was there he stayed for a few weeks to visit with me. Every weekend my Son and his wife come and clean up the yard and cabin for me as it is hard for me to do the strenuous cleaning, but I do what I can. They also come up and watch movies with me during the week. There is a lovely lady from Idaho City Senior Center that brings me hot meals twice a week and visits. Her name is Jean. There is so much to tell and I promise to help Kevin and Bridgette to have some interesting things to say for me on this web-site so that you can keep up with what I up to and visit me here. Kevin and Bridgette have been doing so much for me. This past weekend they brought me a Boston Creme cake and made me spare ribs and asparagus with a salad with this wonderful sweet lime seasoning on it with avocados and tomatoes.Also they brought me a new comforter and a whole new really nice sheet set and all brand new pillows for my bed. My birthday is Tuesday June 24th and I will be 81 years young. My daughter Shelley is coming up today with some friends, Brenda, John Hansen and his wife, and William (Bill Fowler) to celebrate before they all go to the Kate Wolfe Festival. My other two daughters Leslie and Holly call me every day from Reno and my Grand Daughter Elise calls me frequently. Also my Granddaughter CeCe calls me and visits as well. Bruce Carver just paid me a visit. he has come for several years to celebrate with me since his birthday is so close to mine. I enjoy his visits so much. Rocci Johnson has been an incredibly faithful and loving friend for many years and she stays in touch and visits me and always thinks of me and I appreciate her so much. Rocci, thank you for all that you have done and do. You are a true friend and I am lucky to have you. Also a Boise Fireman named Tim Wonacott has made time every year for several years to bring me wood and to help Kevin and Bridgette to clean up outside. He brought his Bobcat and hauled away all kinds of garbage for me, I would like to thank him here as well. Well, I think I have you all up to date here, if I forgot to mention anyone here, please forgive me, I haven't forgotten you in my heart. Please enjoy the following pages. We are updating them frequently and this with the help of my son Kevin, and his wife Bridgette. Please be patient as well as the internet connection at the cabin is too slow to do any of this and with there travels back and forth after working full time jobs, and coming here most evenings to see me, it makes for slim pickins when it comes to time to get some of these things done.