Music and Its Influence to Hairstyle

For generations and up to date, the love of music has a great effect on the way people dress up. It’s much like an unstated uniform which musicians and fans alike wear to distinguish themselves with a particular genre of music. However, aside from the outfit, another aspect of the look that gets the most attention, and noticeably ties an individual to a specific music genre, is the haircut or hairstyle. Might want to check out trx2 capsules to start sporting your music inspired hairstyle.


Rockabilly music is a combination of rhythm-and-blues, country, and Rock-and-Roll of the 1950s. We have to thank the Retro-American subgenre for the perfection of the men’s pompadour. The painstakingly styled hairdo is frequently matched with a leather jacket, twangy guitars and classic cars.



When the Beatles arrived in America in 1964, fans, most of which were girls, went crazy, and the Mop TOP hairdo went viral, replacing the perfect Elvis-style Pompadour. Seeing at it these days, it appears to be a decent hair, however back then during the late 1950s, it was the representation of youth, Rock-and-Roll, and undeniably, Beatlemania.


Although Reggae’s rhythmic beats are frequently acquainted with a relaxed, island life, the message behind the music is often powerful. Popularized in the 1970s by Reggae legend, Bob Marley, and due to his origins (Rastafarian and Jamaican), dreadlocks are tied to this music genre. This hairdo is a quintessence of Reggae’s heritage, and an symbol of the proud culture it has become.


Glam Rock musicians like Bon Jovi and Poison were the rocking the stadium with anthem rock, and their long teased locks as well as their snug pants. One thing that’s louder than their music is their hair. This archetypal 80’s hairdo is a blend of bad-boy attitude and lots of hairspray.


The Mohawk is perhaps the most distinguishable music-genre haircut. It’s a representation of rejection and rebellion towards society. Though Punk Rock nowadays is far more mainstream, and sporting a Mohawk necessitates a huge amount of hair product, in addition to a sufficient amount of primp time, this hairdo yet expresses anti-establishment.