Spanish Fly LOVE For Physical Intimacy But Music Could Affect Sexual Attraction

Physical intimacy is deemed as one of the major and most meaningful ways for couples to show their mutual affection and love for each other. But, if the couple’s sex drive is unmatched and one’s desire for physical intimacy is much stronger than the other, it could actually have a negative effect on the relationship.

Spanish fly LOVE For Physical Intimacy

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However, even with this powerful aphrodisiac, there are external factors that could actually affect your relationship. Take music for example. Although music has many proven benefits, it could actually be a reason why your romantic relationship isn’t working, especially when the relationship is in its initial stage.

Choice Of Music Could Affect Sexual Attraction

According to research, there is a solid relationship between a person’s preference for music and his/her personality. Moreover, music isn’t only a form of expressing oneself but also a way to judge other people.

As per a research on music genre’s effects on sexual attraction, some music genres catch on better compared to others. Both heterosexual women and men deem country music as less inviting and enticing. Women are more inclined to have more interest in men who have a liking for heavy metal music, while men have a decreased interest or attraction to women who are into heavy metal. In terms of classical music, men are more attracted to women who are into classical music whereas women aren’t much interested in men who love classical music.

TickPick, a ticket retailer online, released “Music Deal Breakers,” a survey on how music preference affects romantic relationship. Below are a few highpoints of the survey:

  • About 1 in 5 people won’t date a person with a “bad” music preference
  • 54% of men and 46% of women said that they would date a person with music preferences they deem as “bad”
  • 45% of men consider hip-hop to be the most unappealing music genre, while 37% of women regard heavy metal as the most unattractive
  • 41% of men find classic rock the most attractive music genre, while 39% of women consider hip-hop as most attractive.
  • Couples who enjoyed oldies, classic rock, jazz, folk, or country music gave their relationship an 8.5 or higher rate of satisfaction