The Indicatory Sound of a Sump Pump Alarm

Commonly, the basement is more than just an empty space in the house. Most homeowners stored old, expensive furniture and household equipment down there. Others use the basement as storage of photo albums and other memorabilia.

However, basement flooding is a common and devastating situation that may occur. Aside from creating a real damage to your home, it also damages the things and memories inside it.

Mostly, not all home has a properly installed sump pump. However, new homes have sump pump that is only light duty. And those houses that are already old need for a system update.

Reasons for sump pump failure

There are many reasons why a sump pump fails, these include the following:

• The primary pump consist of excess water and is already tear off. This scenario makes a light duty motor of sump pump to heat up and burn out eventually.
• Failure of the switch
• Power outage
• The pumping capacity is low that generally avoids the primary pump to maintain the water intake.
• Depletion of the sump pump battery

The Battery Backup System

Generally, a battery backup system caters lots of help to the homeowner. It gives help during a storm, in times of power outage or in case the primary pump is not working.

In order to find the appropriate battery backup system to a primary pump, the backup system should be a low amperage AC pump. This is then connected to an inverter that is sourced from a DC battery.

A battery system like this can discharge continuously even in a power outage situation. But, the battery should have power in order to make it work. However, if you are looking for the best sump pump backup system, try to check the Wayne wss30v sump pump.

Aside from helping the sump pump to work during power outage, a backup pump also helps homeowner to get rid of a wet basement in case the primary pump fails due to jams, switch failure or motor burning.

Battery Backup System Alarm

Just like the music trends that will take over the world this 2019, a sump pump typically operates with an alarm which is very likely to creates sound similar to a smoke detector. An alarm is an indicatory sound that allows the homeowner to know if the water level already risen to the point that the pump should already be turned on. This is very important because without this alarm the damage could already take over for a long period of time to your basement without you knowing it.