Music Apps, Inside Google Maps

Are You A Driver?  If Yes, You Might Appreciate This

Cellphones are a useful tool for us to be available to communicate with our families and friends all over the world. We also use it to navigate and play our favorite songs while air and heating near me, and these are common doings to all drivers. But it can be also a risk to all drivers that can distract them while driving. In many states, it is illegal to fiddle with your phone when you’re behind the wheel.

Are you having a hard time changing your music while using Google Maps? Don’t stress yourself because Google Map has already added a new feature to bring music directly into Google Maps navigation mode. This new feature is already available to Android and iOs users that allows you to play and pause your favorite music without leaving navigation. Android users can connect Google Maps with Google Play Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. You will be able to browse the full application and change throughout a shortcut between programs.

Syncing Your Favorite Music

Is it your first time to use Google Maps? If yes, there’s a black banner that appear while its on navigation mode. Just click it to default google maps while play Google Maps.

Automatically Sync Music Applications

Tap the hamburger menu at the top of your screen, if the banner does not appear. Go to Navigation settings to switch for Show Media controls. For iOs click on the hamburger icon to select settings icon.

Using Spotify In Goggle Maps

After toggling the Show media playback controls switch, there will be a pop-up thaw will appear and on your Android phone with a list of songs that you recently installed, then choose a song that you want. You can control your music apps in Google Maps.

Using Apple Music in Google Maps

For iOs: A page will appear and it will give you an option that will link to your Apple Music or to your Spotify accounts. You can link either 1 or 2 then a button will show in navigation mode on Google Maps.

Syncing Music Through Your Phone Using Maps

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