We Can’t Live Without Music For These10 Reasons

Without music, life would look a lot sadder and duller. We shower, eat, learn and even sleep with music. We give you 10 reasons why music is so important. If you are interested, visit techwear jackets.


Travel is already pretty boring and would probably get a lot more boring without music. With a lovely beat in your ears, that bike ride goes much faster and during that boring bus trip, you don’t have to hear all the conversations of fellow travelers with earphones.

Music is the soundtrack to your life

It doesn’t matter how you feel, there is always a certain song that exactly fits your feeling. Do you feel happy or sad, music always knows exactly how to describe your feeling.

Music brings back memories

The song where you first kissed your boyfriend or that one song that you and your friends danced so crazy… By hearing certain songs, you go back in time for a while.


No music, no parties! And let’s be honest, what would we do without all those fun parties. A party probably wouldn’t be as popping if everyone were sitting around a table in a boring way.

Sing along in the shower

Of course, we shower to stay fresh and hygienic. But secretly, showering has another purpose. The time in the shower is your time to shine. The showerhead has a microphone and the rest of the bathroom is an audience. The pop star in you comes out all the way and those around you just have to take your singing for granted.

Broken-hearted girl

Your boyfriend breaks up with you and your heart is broken. The best way to get over this is music. Cry out to the songs of Adele and Beyoncé or sing along to the songs of Taylor Swift. It’s okay to feel sorry for yourself sometimes and after that, you’ll soon be ready for happy music again to feel better.

No music, no 1D

Probably one of the most important reasons: no music, no One Direction. The boys at 1D would have an undiscovered talent and you wouldn’t have anyone to swoon over. So let’s be very thankful that through music we have 1D in our lives.


After a busy day at school, take a nice bath. Of course, music cannot be missed. Relax in the bubbles and dream away to the most beautiful songs.


Your moves will remain unknown forever if we don’t have music to dance to. For sports or at parties, everyone secretly likes to dance. And how else are we supposed to impress all the boys?


Do your parents drive you crazy or are your brother nagging all day? Sometimes you want to be alone with your thoughts, so put your earphones in and shut yourself off from your surroundings for a while.