Websites For a Free Music in Your Videos

Lights, camera, action! If you plan to experiment with video, some tools are the best then a whole production team is notGraffiti, Music, Urban Art immediately ready to help you direct or edit. In fact, there is a good chance that you will do it all by yourself, while still striving for the same professional end result. The (background) music is an important factor that determines whether your final story is correct. But which websites can you visit without paying the top prize for good royalty-free music? We give you 7.

1. Bensound

Immediately one of my favorite websites: Bensound. The layout of the website is clear and Bensound distinguishes between different music categories: from cinematic to corporate and from jazz to rock. So there is a good chance that there is something in between that fits the message of your video. All music can be used free of rights, but just mention the source.

2. Incompetech

Admittedly, the design of Incompetech is not to write home about. If you take the trouble to look through it, then this website appears to be a mecca for royalty-free music. Search by genre, feeling, tempo or length and download the music directly. Also important here: don’t forget to mention the source!

3. CC Mixter

Take a moment to visit the CC Mixter website, because there is a lot to be found. Very much. At CC Mixter, musicians and singers can upload samples and acapella’s, of which producers and DJs can then make a remix. You can, therefore, find many different types of music on the website. The website is unfortunately in beta, so a number of functionalities still seem to be missing, such as searching for categories. For each number, it is stated which source reference you must use.

4. Purple Planet Music

Another gem of a website: Purple Planet Music. Here too, a distinction is made between different categories, and you are required to use the correct source reference. Do you have a little more budget? Then it may be worthwhile to purchase a license from Purple Planet. You then have more choices in music and you can use the music for broadcasts on TV and radio.

5. Audionautix

Audionautix is ​​a website full of royalty-free music, produced by Jason Shaw. On his website, he distinguishes between different genres, moods, and changes in tempo and shares his productions with the whole world. All music can be downloaded directly. Also with Audionautix: state the source at all times if you decide to use music from Shaw.

6. Go Soundtrack

Go Soundtrack: the only website in this list that requires registration. It takes a minute of your time, but is completely free and opens doors to a world full of royalty-free music. You will also find different categories here, and each song can be downloaded in wave / AIFF files. That way you know for sure that you have high quality.

7. Youtube Audio Library

Last but not least: the Youtube Audio Library. An extensive library with all kinds of royalty-free music that you can freely download and process in your video. Even if you do not want to upload the video on YouTube. With some numbers you are obliged to state the source, others are completely free to use. You can find the Audio Library in the Creator Studio on Youtube.