What Should You Consider When Customizing For Stage Productions

Custom staging products enable dynamic and immersive experiences for both audience and performers. Modular, high-quality equipment helps you do just that. Whether the space hosts orchestras, plays, or concerts, theatrical events require significant renovations. This means changing the size and shape of the stage according to the number of artists, adding climbers, etc. 

In any case, a modular custom stage product can accommodate multiple performance changes. When you invest in a staging product, gears must be built to last and withstand the rigors of regular traffic, exercise, and general reuse. Professional designers and manufacturers must consider these year-round performances’ impact on stage systems.

Access Platform System 

Permanent access platform systems enhance existing historic venues or become part of new theater designs. The access platform system needs to be integrated with existing structures and requires little to no modification, appealing to renowned theaters to maintain their historical significance. 

Acoustic Shell 

The tower, ceiling panels, and integrated lighting create an inviting backdrop for the performer to be seen by the audience and provide a better space for the musician to conduct his visual communication on stage. Ensure to use scrooz joist hangers when installing these panels and backdrops. The panel can be easily tilted and stowed in the flight space or trolley. We would love to work with you to create a unique look for your particular venue.

Black Box Theater 

Whether you want a portable system that can be easily reconfigured into multiple layouts or premium portable seating to make your guest experience unforgettable, black box seating with removable balconies and numerous configurations is a custom example of a high-quality black box theater. 

Orchestra Pit Filler 

Customize your orchestra pit’s specific size and shape to fit perfectly in any deployment. The Orchestra Pit Filler should be easily adjusted to look like a permanent stage, yet quick and easy to change. 

Orchestra Climbers 

Platforms and supports allow risers to be any size and height. Star boost your performers and rock the show with confidence knowing your climber is built for performance. Improving the experience of performers and their guests is paramount when hosting concerts and productions.