Why are musicals (musical theatre) so popular in the U.S.?

Musical theater combines singing, acting, and dance at a vibrant spectacle that’s emotionally attractive and usually supportive of the societal norms of their intended audience, that will observe a performance using a reasonable amount of certainty that they will experience agreeable feelings and will not need to think much. Their beliefs will soon likely probably be strengthened rather than challenged, and they’re able to indulge in sentimental reveries while averting the hermeneutic needs of more complicated artforms.

In the event you attend a musical theatre performance, you will probably listen to “knowing chuckles” as crowds react to this familiar predicaments and gratifying outcomes of this narrative. Simply speaking, musical theater can typically be tagged as “escapist entertainment” which allows audiences to indulge in shopworn dreams that portray the world as a much less busy, complicated, ambiguous, and contradictory location than is in fact the situation.

Not all musical theater is the manner. Some musicals intentionally push audiences from the comfort zones. Nevertheless, the normal musicals which are the continuing fare of high school theater programs are completely assessed as “secure” for “family viewing”, so that the material, if introduced, is certainly not controversial within the area to which it’s intended.

You can say that viewing a musical is somewhat like sitting at a corner in a beautiful nineteenth-century soiree, celebrating the splendid clothes, the amazing wit, the music that is tasteful, and elegant dance, all of which amounts to nothing more than the predictable round of cinema behavior made to bolster the present social order. Nonetheless, it’s so brilliant, and you can not help but grin at this kind of elaborate screen of ethnic imperatives!

Thus, musical theater is a favorite since it frees individuals who need art to be a medium of peace which will reduce anxiety instead of exciting it. And who wishes to become anxious, besides a tiny minority of courageous souls who courtroom stress as an essential co-conspirator at the attempt to violate the bounds of arty conventionality?