The Importance of Website to Your Music Business

There are lots of reasons why having a small business web design company is critical for musicians. It’s more important than ever, particularly now that so many artists are going the DIY route.

As an artist, you must keep a direct channel of communication with your followers, and your website is one of the most vital tools for doing so.

What are the benefits of having a website for a musician?

1. It is your property.

Several bands and artists wonder why they need a website when they already have a Facebook page and a ReverbNation profile. The basic explanation is that you do not have ownership of these profiles. You’d be left without a digital presence if Facebook or ReverbNation went away. Without a primary web presence, at least.

Because you own your website, you have more control over the style and content you wish to publish. It can be an accurate picture of who you are as an artist, as well as a powerful tool for attracting and keeping admirers.

2. You can gather information on fans and email addresses.

This is a crucial point. You’ll need a mechanism to gather fan information (such as email addresses) so you can contact directly with them.

3. It shows that you’re committed and in it for the long run.

A site (with a dedicated domain name, such as is seen as a symbol of love and professionalism by industry professionals such as labels, managers, and booking agents. It makes a much stronger impact than simply providing a social profile; anybody can create a Facebook page or a YouTube account.

4. It serves as a one-stop shop for all things YOU.

The heart of your internet presence should be your website.

Does anyone want to know when you’ll be in their town next? Is anyone interested in purchasing your new album? Is someone interested in learning more about your background? All of this must be available on your website.