8 Songs Truck Drivers Should Listen To on the Road

Truck Driver


Truck driving experiences are often stressful and tiresome. Even with the use of trucking programs to make trucking operations easier for drivers, long journeys take their toll on them. With only one or two options to relax while on the road — we are truly thankful for trucking songs. Those auditory gems give us the spirit to press on and add a bit of fun into a protracted day.

So here are 8 songs that every trucker would surely love to listen to while on the road.

1.Roll on 18 wheeler – Alabama

First on the list is that this song that was released back in January of ‘84—by none apart from Alabama. The song is so lively and fun to pay attention to, it really gets you into that truck-driving spirit. Written by Dave Loggins, he really tapped into what it wishes to be a dad who has to drive an 18 wheeler to produce for his family – exploring that each one too familiar moment when a driver must leave his family for work.

2. Big Wheels within the Moonlight – Dan Seals

On the track, songwriters Bob McDill and Dan Seals tell the story of a boy who comes from a tiny low town and loves watching trucks go past. The boy dreams of being a driver in the future. Although his childhood dream isn’t realized – he still keeps the memories and dreams of the trucks alive in his head.

3. Truckin’ – Grateful Dead

Truckin’, another song, comes off the album American Beauty released by the Dead in 1970. This track is all about truckin’. About driving your truck in plenty of places like Chicago, New York, and Detroit. We appreciate how really brings you into life on the road, what truck drivers face, and the way they handle it all. Just an honest old song from the ‘70s – a time when all people wanted to try to do was travel the, have new adventures, and seek the most effective of what life could bring.

4. Asphalt Cowboy – Jason Aldean

This song is astounding — right from the beginning of the song to the last note fades. It puts you in a relaxing mood and is that the reasonable song that reminds you everything is going to be alright. The song is about a few guys who must leave his wife to travel to figure. When he’s away he misses his girl and resolves to ride through the storm just to urge her back to her arms again.


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5.Driving my Life Away – Eddie Rabbitt

This song was written by David Malloy, Eddie Rabbit, and Even Stevens and focuses on the lifetime of truckers and also the very long time they need to spend far away from their wives and kids, a standard theme on this list.

6. 500 Miles – Bobby Bare

Also known by its full title: 500 Miles removed from house is an excellent piece of classic folk music. Released in 1963 by Bobby Bare, this song made the highest 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 – wow!. It explores that familiar idea of how hard it’s for those people who need to leave their families for work, especially the truckers. It’s one in all those songs you’ll sing together with your buddy as you travel the planet and always have hope for the most effective despite the space from home

7. East, Bound and Down – Jerry Reed

From the album Smokey and the Bandit comes this 1970s hit. The song made it to #2 on the U.S Billboard Hot folk music chart – and what a song it’s. As soon because it starts playing you can’t help but nod your head or maybe dance along (when you’re not driving.) it’s a blast to pay attention to. We propose putting this one within the queue if you ever feel bored, tired, or need something to induce you during a good mood.

8. I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash

No doubt you’ve got heard our #8 pick — but you will not know that it had been originally written by Geoff Mack in 1959 and made successful by Lucky Starr. While the song has been sung and recorded by many various artists — Johnny Cash recorded what’s arguably the most effective version on his album, Unchained.