Music from Elephants – Is It for Real?

Who would believe that an animal from the wild can learn and play music? Actually, a group of elephants in Thailand can create music using musical instruments. In fact, the group was created to form an orchestra. And this popular elephant group is known as the Thai Elephant Orchestra. Isn’t it amazing to watch and take photos of this wild beasts, using the primos trail camera, in conquering the musical stage?


Birth of the Thai Elephant Orchestra

In the 2000, the orchestra was created by Soldier and Richard Lair. They are popularly known as “Professor Elephant” and they operate the conservation center located in Lampang, Northern Thailand. This conservation center is the home of the members of the Thai Elephants.


Soldier take this opportunity to discover the intellectual and musical capabilities of the elephants. They also both believed that the elephants can play musical instruments and should have the ability to learn how to play drums and percussion if they are in a comfortable state. However, for Richard, those instrument-playing animals would attract people from whom they could raise funds for the conservation center.

Designing over-sized instruments that can resist breakage is one of our priority.


Musical Accomplishments of the Thai Elephant Orchestra


Up to date, the Thai Elephant Orchestra already has 22 elephant members. Instruments are operated using either by the trunk of the animal or via a stick attached in their trunk. So far, this elephant musical group already recorded three musical albums.


Some tracks in the album are impromptu music. It works usually through the help of the mahouts that keep on giving the animals signals on the timing when to start and when to stop. On the other hand, some tracks show the traditional music of the Thai by exhibiting a musical note at a sign coming from a mahout.

Further, the mahouts and the Thai elephants played and sung music together. Thus, they believed that this duet would make the animals happier and more peaceful. As of now, they assist the elephants through singing or executing the string instruments. In fact, the Thai elephants can handle harmonica comfortably making use of the end of their trunk as if it have fingers to hold the instrument.