Music Videos Featuring Bow and Arrow

As they say, music on people’s lives is the best and effective medicine. It can be an excellent partner during the long sessions of practicing. Music also have a great impact on our perception about ourselves and of others. 

Music improves a clear mind and calms the noise of the background environment.

Moreover, listening to music of an upbeat rhythm helps to trigger excitement. This become true most likely if it contains subtle sources like the bows and arrows. The combination of bows and arrows already dominates most TV shows and it is surprising to the ear hearing those words – the bows and arrows playing on the streaming platforms.

List of Music Videos with Bows and Arrows

The following songs have bow and arrow on their lyrics. So, brace yourselves and prepare your earphones with great aim with this crossbow.

Reuben and the Dark’s Bow and Arrow

This song “Bow and Arrow” has a moody and folksy vibe. The lyrics of the song compares the listener to a bow and arrow which goes like “you’re a bow and arrow, a broken guitar“. This makes you think of something and deeply go beyond the meaning of this moody tune.

Fences’ Arrows featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

“Arrows” is all about living one’s own life and leaving out the stressors of the world. The lyrics says “people throw arrows at things that shine“. Aside from that, this tune has a hipster and lumbersexual vibe.

Avicii’s Broken Arrows featuring Zac Brown Band

The team up of Zac Brown Band and Avicii resulted to a great jump-along song. The song reflects that life is hard enough to face. However, it is not too late just find the glow of hope inside the heart.

Serena Ryder’s Stompa

Stompa’s music video is fully loaded with archery ideas. And its rhythm is a great start to prepare you for a tournament. 

Kacey Musgrave’s Follow Your Arrow

Lots of end-points may be resulted with our choices in life. That’s the true meaning of this song, filtering out the opinions of others and directing to your own arrow in life. Follow that arrow and do the things that makes you happy in both life and archery.