Organizing a Traditional Music Festival in Ireland

Important Aspects to Consider When Organizing a Trad Music Festival


Musical Festivals in Ireland abound, not only because such events are good for community businesses and the tourism industry as a whole. Its lesser known significance is that it furnishes reasons for a dispersion of millions of Irishmen to visit their country of origin.

If your organization is planning to hold a music festival, there are some important points to keep in mind. Music festivals in Ireland take place in almost all communities with traditional Irish pubs. After all, traditional music is one of Ireland’s most important heritage, which is why nearly all festivals across the country are celebrations of traditional songs and musical instruments.

Initialize Planning with a Unique Concept in Mind

Now if you are looking for ideas on how to make your trad music festival different, why not take a look or give importance to the elements that inspired the composition of a folk song or music piece. The most common of which, is the landscape of the vIllage or county from where the trad music originated.

Invite Irish landscape artists to hold exhibits of their artworks, whilst letting inspiring trad music pervade. Ireland would not have earned its alternative name “The Green Island” if it is not lush with different shades of green. Yet anyone who has been to small villages in Ireland is sure to fall in love with the colorful blooms spread everywhere. Many Irish artists fill their canvass with lifelike images of Ireland’s countryside, a marvelous patchwork of mountains, valleys, bogs and lakes.

Make your trad music festival unique by combining it with other aspects related to this heritage. Consider showcasing the craftsmen engaged in producing traditional Irish musical instruments, e.g. makers of harps, uilleann pipes, bodhráns, and Irish traditional flutes. Organize a festival that will also serve as a one-stop-venue for authentic traditional Irish folk instruments. That way, it will give visitors easy access to a wide range of choices to bring home as souvenirs.

This may seem like an ambitious project, but has potential to attract foreign-based Irish kinsmen long wanting to visit and reconnect with relatives.

Explore Funding Opportunities

An ambitious project requires considerable funding of course. The government of Ireland recognizes the importance of festivals in Ireland. Check your local government units for availability of grants that can augment funds of festival organizers. However, proposals and event plans are prepared at least a year ahead, since those will be scrutinized thoroughly if aligned with the theme and objectives of the City or Town Council.

Scout for sponsorships from businesses, particularly those that offer environment-friendly products and services. Through the festival, you can highlight their roles as heroes to Ireland’s natural environment and resources. Identify those businesses by way of their Eco-Labels. Some eco-friendly, Ireland-based businesses though operate as E-commerce enterprises, but with products widely recognized as environmentally friendly. One example is, a reseller of electric bikes and scooters. In not having a physical presence in Ireland, a sponsorship of your festival will give those online businesses a chance to make their existence known in the actual Irish market.

Put in Place Plans for Contingencies

Consider certain problems that have potential to happen. Make sure you have laid out plans on how to deal with them, in case they transpire. Since you are planning a musical festival, take into account Ireland’s unpredictable weather. Moreover, there is no saying what could happen during a festival, so you might also consider taking an insurance policy for the event.

Advertise Your Music Festival Widely

Nowadays, advertising your forthcoming music festival is not as difficult as it used to be. The Internet provides a host of social media sites to where you can spread word about your festival. That does not mean doing away with banners, leaflets or streamers in announcing your music festival. The people on the street could very well represent a large part of your attendees, as your physical advertisements will serve as frequent reminders.