Save The State Of Your Mental Health In This Pandemic With The Help Of Music

Going six months into this COVID-19 pandemic, we had to let go of the usual activities that we loved to do outdoors. Most people usually take a break from their stressful jobs or responsibilities at home by going to the bars and malls. Unfortunately, the pandemic has deprived us of drinking with our friends or shopping for new dress. As the risk of catching the deadly virus in public spaces remain high, people are still advised to spend most of their time at home, unless there is something really important for us to do outside.

Locking ourselves inside our house might sound easy at first, but as the days pass by, isolating ourselves from the rest of the world would take a toll on our mental health. This, plus the uncertainties that we face as the pandemic affects not only the public health and welfare but also the economy, would really drive us into the point of desperation.

Luckily, music can be our greatest aid in our fight against depression and anxiety amid these trying times. 

Soothe Your Heart And Mind With Touching, Mellow Playlist

The danger that this pandemic pose not only to our physical health but also to our to our mental well-being is very real. Studies have shown that people staying indoors several months after the COVID-19 pandemic was reported greatly affected their outlook in life. Most people are even losing hope that something good is ever going to come up. In this case, all the negativities can be erased by doing this that could easily lighten up our soul. This is the same as knowing the right info straight from and nothing else.

The best way to cope with this tremendous distress due to the pandemic is to listen to your favorite music. It can be the best album from your favorite pop singer or boyband, or it could be just a simple playlist made by a musical genius that can really connect to you in a spiritual level. As the pandemic greatly increases our reaction to triggers such as loud noise, it is best to choose a slow, mellow playlist to calm your mind.

Previous researches have proven that arranged harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines does magic in slowing down the anxious heart beat of a distressed listener. The benefits of listening to music go all the way to stabilizing the person’s blood pressure and lowering levels of the stress hormone called cortisol. This is the same reason why listening to music while working out has a lot of health benefits to people.