Your Music and Your Listeners

Whether you sing, compose, or write songs, the purpose of your talent is not just to entertain but to also make your listeners feel better in their lives in general. So here are some of the reasons why music makes life better and lighter:

  1. Music improves mood. Imagine a party without music. Imagine a movie without any song. It will never be complete. Music is everywhere and it really impacts the mood of a person. It brightens one’s day and even motivate a person.
  2. It serves as a message. Some people are not really vocal on how and what they feel. Music is a way to actually express what and how you feel towards a person or a situation. This is also the reason why in some important events, national or not, and advertisement or a presentation is accompanied with a music. It actually comforts the listeners depending on the message a song has. This is the reason why writers and composers do not just focus on making an upbeat type of songs. They also create songs for people who are not happy and wants to be lifted up. And also for people who wants to be constantly reminded how beautiful life is. Of course, the songs being listened to also depends on the preferences of the listeners and also varies depending on their mood.
  3. Music is like a trademark. When one set or picked a song to be played during an event or a particular occasion, that song will be remembered for the rest of that person’s life. It will be a reminder for the people involved of a memorable happening even without looking back at the pictures.

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