Marketing Tips for Musicians on IG

Are you a musician or music producer perhaps? Well regardless where you fall between these two, one thing’s for sure, it’s that you’re constantly searching for ways on how you can expand your reach and grow your following. In such a case, it will be highly recommended to use social media to market yourself or brand.

What to Do?

As a matter of fact, there are several ways that you can use social media, especially Instagram to do it. If you are serious in hitting success, then these marketing tips are something you should not take for granted.

Follow Known and Established Music Producers

It is strongly recommended that you follow other music producers in Instagram. Do this particularly to those that have massive followings in order to see what they’re posting and doing. This will help you have an idea on how they are able to grow their following and have engagement.


Now when it comes to this marketing tip, reposting something in random is a big NO-NO.

Rather, you should be reposting images you see on Instagram that gets countless of likes to which your audience may like too.

Repost it to your profile for your followers to see.

Don’t forget the Hashtags!

Basically, adding “hashtags” to your post will make the content grouped together on other related images. Doing such increases its “discoverability” by other users. Therefore, allowing you to gain new likes and followers. In the process, it will help in generating engagement.

There are several hashtags that you may want to use. Below are some of the most popular but it’s best to do your research still:

  • #artist
  • #rapp
  • #hiphop
  • #songs
  • #trap

Strategic Posting

To ensure that you are going to get the highest possible number of views on a post, then you must post on peak times of day. As per research, the recommended times to post are 2am and 5pm EST.

Show Your Website Link

See to it that your website’s link is in your bio together with a brief description of what you are doing. Advanced and experienced marketers are using their bio field for IG marketing text and also, a link to landing page to get email addresses.