LOL Music: Legends Never Die by Against The Current

“Legends Never Die”, a popular song created for the 2017 LOL World Championship by Against the Current received positive reviews from LOL players in the past few years since its release.

Despite being a world-renowned band, it’s been over four years since Against the Current released their last song. However, the release of “Legends Never Die” is a triumphant return and is now one of the most popular songs in League of Legends history with over 6 million plays on Spotify. The song is already popular, but what makes it more so is the opening lyrics of the song, “There’s a fire inside of me,” which perfectly captures the feeling that every professional League player should have when they step on stage.

Legends Never Die: Creators

The LOL song was penned by two members of the Riot Games Music Team. They are Justin Tranter and Alex Seaver. The Music Team of Riot Games also produced the track which has a distinctive sound. to it, and was released on Riot’s Soundcloud page on September 19, 2017. The song is composed of a “pumping” beat with a reggae flair to it. The backup singers provide the chorus as they sing “Give me your love”, which is repeated twice in the chorus. There are also horns, synthesizers, and a guitar solo in the song.

The song received positive reviews from critics. Kat Fergus, a writer for Mashable wrote that “even if you’re a ‘fair weather girl who’s tempted to cut your losses, give me your love.” while also praising the track’s beat and chorus. Another writer for Mashable complimented the reggae sound of the song, as well as the song’s chorus.

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League of Legends

For over 12 years, League of Legends has been the most popular game in the world. With a global audience reaching over 100 million players, it seems that this game will be around for many years to come. This is because the developer, Riot Games, does not release new content every year so as to make sure that gameplay remains at its highest quality for as long as possible and that players can enjoy the game for many years.

The best example of this is that, even though League of Legends has been around for over 12 years, its newest champion was released in October 2017 and new content is expected to be released every few months. By producing a limited amount of content each year, Riot Games ensures that players are not overwhelmed with new content which could potentially lead to overload.

Even though third-party content creators are continuously releasing content around League of Legends, like lol Elo boost services, Riot Games maintain to keep their content and release it when they feel it is time for players to receive something new from LOL’s developers.