Music and falling asleep

Which method of falling asleep is healthy for you and ensures a deep sleep? With music, television, radio drama, or in complete silence?

In silence or with music

Most people grew up with the idea that to sleep, it must be quiet. They don’t necessarily want to hear assured rent site construction noise when they go to sleep. But does it have to be absolute silence? Or can music and other relaxing sounds have a positive effect on falling asleep and the quality of sleep?

Different people have different needs for sleep

Whether you fall asleep better in absolute silence or with pleasant background noise cannot be said in general terms. The answer depends on each individual’s individual preferences. There are a variety of sleep tactics and not all of them are objectively good for you.

Television or radio on in order to fall asleep

Some people specifically turn on the television or radio in the evening in order to fall asleep better to the background noise. The problem: In contrast to meditative sounds from a CD, the background noise from a television or many radio stations often fluctuates greatly in pitch and volume. Even if you are sometimes not even aware of this, your sleep can be severely disturbed.

Another problem with many devices is that you usually have to wake up later in the night and switch off the television or radio. In the long run, this completely messes up a healthy sleep rhythm. Even if some people may find it pleasant: this method is not helpful.

Sound of “white noise” for better sleep

White noise is a noise in a certain frequency range that is limited in bandwidth. Specifically, this means: It is a very monotonous noise. Precisely because it is quite boring to listen to, it is ideal for falling asleep. It is also used in tinnitus therapy, among other things, so that the patient is less aware of the background noise in his own ear.

There are many ways to sleep well

That is undoubtedly correct. Whether you sleep best with or without music, with white noise or in absolute silence: your sense of hearing plays a crucial role in falling asleep and for your overall sleep quality. Reason enough to take a look at the various options and choose what best suits you.