Music And Your Purchasing Behavior And Decision

Shopping, whether online or offline, is an activity that is enjoyed by many. It is where consumers browse for goods and services with the aim of potentially making a purchase that would suit their needs and wants. These goods and services are available in the market and offered by several merchants.

What Influences Purchasing Decision

When shopping, there are a lot of factors that influence the purchasing decision of the shopper. Some are specific to the purchasing situation wherein shoppers know what they are looking to buy and for what event or situation. There are also factors that are specific to every shopper such as personal preference, the shopper’s background and personality, and economic status. Regardless, it is essential for shoppers to be well-informed of the options they have in order to make a good purchasing decision.

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Music Affects Shopping Behavior

There are also factors that contribute to the shopping behavior of consumers particularly when they shop in physical stores, and one of these is music. Music is proven to have some beneficial effects on its listeners. For example, a study discovered that background music played in stores, malls or any shopping center could affect the purchasing decision of a customer which could reach up to 40%. According to the study, customers who listen to background music were more inclined to have felt a positive shopping experience even though they had to wait in line for some time or wait in order to talk to a customer service representative. Approximately 60% of customers reported that music played in the background influences their decision to whether or not spend time at a store. On the other hand, 78% of the store employees said to have improved work performance when background music is played.