Music for babies: Soundtrack for healthy development

Did you know that music improves your baby’s wellbeing? Whether pop, classical music, hits, or something in between – almost every person likes to listen to music. For pastime, at work, during sport, or out of pure passion. But did you know that music can also make your baby smarter and happier?

It has long been known that music can have a powerful and even unifying effect on people. But it is only for a while that it has been known that music also contributes to better memory and improved cognitive skills.

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Yes, actually listening to and playing music creates changes in the brain. In addition, both can release a good dose of endorphins – happiness hormones!

Playing and listening: more energy in the brain!

So just listening to music supports the development of the brain, but making music is even more beneficial for babies and small children. In addition to certain fine motor skills, it also requires linguistic and mathematical precision, e.g. when counting beats, as well as creativity. Several areas of the brain are set in motion.

In this way, music helps young children develop the connection between the two halves of the brain – messages get through the brain faster and in different ways.

Music works!

So music is not just a minor matter, it has very specific advantages and has a positive effect on children’s development.

Music can:

  • Improve mood and strengthen young children by relieving stress. Even listening to sad music can be good because it can help children get in touch with their emotions.
  • Promote concentration and productivity.
  • Improve learning ability and academic performance.
  • Support the development of spatial imagination – an important basis for areas such as mathematics, engineering, computer science, or architecture.
  • Promote vocabulary and creativity.

Listening to songs, singing, playing instruments, or drumming on boxes – in children’s rooms, crawling groups, or kindergartens, music of all kinds becomes the soundtrack of the healthy development of your children.