The Advantages of Music Therapy for Kidney Patients

It is pretty obvious that music has been part of our everyday lives for hundreds of years now. It is not a surprise why some people can’t live without music because of its amazing benefits.

The most common benefits of music are, it brightens our mood, relaxes our mind and body, and increase productivity at work. Little did most people know that music has positive impacts when it comes to kidney patients especially if they are undergoing hemodialysis or people who will get treatment for kidney stones.

How come? Since music uplifts our mood, it is also effective in generating positive energy among kidney patients. Studies show that some patients even started to talk to each other or with their loved ones while on the session. Aside from that, it also helps them in unleashing their creativity.

Music therapy can also be used when the patient is feeling down or depressed at home after undergoing hemodialysis. Simply play his/her favorite music and watch how it will benefit them.

Below are other amazing health benefits of music therapy:

  • It’s good for the heart. Studies has shown that blood flows rapidly when there is background music. It can also lessen heart rate, improve blood pressure, and improve serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood.
  • It brightens up your mood. Music is proven effective in boosting the brain’s generation of the hormone dopamine. This increased dopamine production eases anxiety and worries.
  • It makes you less stressed. A lot of people already know that listeing to music calms your mind.
  • It decreases the chance of experiencing depression. When you’re having a difficult time, music can definitely cheer you up.
  • It manages pain. This is why music is beneficial to kidney patients as it somehow helps them cope up with physical and emotional health.
  • It decreases level of pain. Music can substantially decrease the level of pain, particularly in geriatric hospital, intensive care units or pain killer medicine.
  • It helps people eat smaller amounts of food. Listening to soft or calming music while having a meal can help people eat slowly resulting in smaller amounts.