The Connection Between Picture and Sound

Music in the film plays an important role. It makes us laugh or cry. Few big blockbusters can do without them. Here you can find out more about film music.

As a film composer, I deal with the subject of film music on a daily basis . Because music should support the plot of the film and touch the viewer on an emotional level and thus create a bridge between image and sound. An immense responsibility, and at the same time the greatest challenge for me as a composer.

How music is important to film?

Music in film fulfills two important functions. On the one hand, it creates the substantive connection between image and sound. On the other hand, their functional task is to generate emotions and moods. Music tells a story on the emotional level and lets you as a viewer cheer, laugh or dream.

Facts & knowledge

  • History : Music in film as we know it today is not that old. At the end of the 19th century, films were still accompanied live with a piano, until orchestral music was added with the first sound films at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Effect : Film music can have an impact on people on different levels through different stylistic devices. In addition to the composition , the choice of instruments, their playing style and the tempo also play an important role.
  • Functions : Music in the film has different functions. It drives the action forward, reinforces the statements of the pictures and helps to build up an arc of tension.
  • Techniques : Various composing techniques are available to the film composer. He can rely on “mood carpets” or assign a different leitmotif to each place, person or scene.
  • Production : The production process is highly complex. Planning, consultation and team play play an important role. The composer must be able to adjust emotionally to a film scene and at the same time meet the director’s expectations.

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Film music YouTube
YouTube has had a major impact on media consumption over the past decade. For the younger generation, the video platform has long since replaced linear television, in some cases also with the cinema. Many artists, musicians and filmmakers are therefore represented on YouTube with their own channel.

Sound and music
For filmmakers, video creators or YouTubers, work on the sound begins after the cut is finished. Not an easy task at all, because the sound is at least as important as the picture . This includes sound effects, language and of course the music.

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When it comes to using music, creators often make a mistake . The reason is that they use copyrighted audio material without obtaining permission or the necessary usage rights. There are many alternatives, so providers make free music available. It is also possible to have individual music composed .