The Science Behind Why Music Makes Us Feel So Good

Music plays a vital role in our lives. Our coming old is marked by a private soundtrack and that we can evoke vivid memories and emotions by taking note of music. people that make music can attest to the current further and are said to possess high levels of intelligence, especially if they’ll read and build original music by playing a range of musical instruments or using their voice as an instrument within the song. there’s plenty of research about music and its relationship to intelligence.

Enjoying music is exclusive to humans. Unlike food or sex, music isn’t necessary for our survival, but it’s extremely rewarding and pleasurable. It taps into the identical parts of the brain that pleasure from sex and food does. Music floods the brain with a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is that the chemical within the brain related to pleasure, motivation, and reward.

Studies have shown that certain pieces of musical style will have an identical effect on everyone. They trigger identical changes within the brain irrespective of past musical experience or preference. Of course, everyone seems to be different and music will make us respond in keeping with our own taste and familiarity. Our enjoyment is just determined by whether or not we prefer it.