Classical Music Therapy for Special Children


We have known about classical music’s capability to offer pleasure and wake up deep feelings. Songs has a strong effect on the brain. Various studies show that classical music may help children through a variety of improvements such as improved IQ reduced stress, and capacity to focus.

Further, music may make kids feel positive and increase their creative thinking. The most important thing is that music can make a impact in the lives of people with ailments such as Down syndrome autism, cerebral palsy, ADD and ADHD and mental retardation.

The Mozart Effect

The term “The Mozart Effect” has gone mainstream, as today there are an assortment of goods including everything from CDs to toys which use Mozart’s music to improve a person’s ability to do mental tasks. A wide variety of specialists insist that listening to Mozart can actually boost intelligence.

Some scientists assume that complicated sounds like classical music fosters the performance of firing patterns in the cortex of the brain. Studies have shown that people do better on IQ tests after listening to Mozart. One reason that music is so strong in contrast to other forms of audio is the fact that it has strings which repeat throughout a part.

The Mozart Effect has very real implications for people with learning disorders. It will also help kids focus and memorize new details, although listening to classical music won’t only boost IQ. When music is heard by a child, it can create the ideal conditions for creativity and learning.

Distractions and Music

One thing that many children with learning disorders have in common is they are easily distracted. Noises may take their attention. However, when classical music is used therapeutically, it changes how the ear functions and stimulates the brain.

During therapy sessions, classical audio is sent to the ear and the sound is also vibrated through the bones within the body. One of the aims of the treatment is to acquire the ears and re-balance the system. The philosophy behind this treatment is that it may allow its recipients to start doing to the best of their abilities. Through learning to play a music instrument their ADHD requirements have also improved. The act of listening at precisely the exact same time to it and practicing playing music can teach their attention span to lengthen.