The Relationship Between Music and Architecture

Almost everyone love music. It gives good vibes and it is also being used as a form of therapy to people experiencing stress and anxiety. Moreover,  music also helps in killing boredom and getting away with reality even in just for a while.

Nowadays, people can easily listen to music anytime and anywhere, big thanks to technology and smart phones that can be bought in They sell mobile devices that are mostly apple and of high quality. Not only that, they also provide you with flexible payment options

But did you know that music is interrelated to architecture? They have a lot of similarities such as patterns, strategies, and harmony. If you are wondering how come music and architecture are related, well, it is because rhythm in music, for example, can be compared to the parallel in architecture. We probably know that in architecture, patterns are very important. Because it can be considered as the heart of every architectural design. As well as in music where its heart lies on the rhythm.

Do no think that patterns can only be found in drawings but not in music. You will be able to locate the patterns in music if you listen to it very carefully. Patterns are the beat of the song and the tone. Similarly, patterns in architecture are the drawings per se and other variables.

Another element that is present both in music and architecture is the texture. Do not think that texture can only be felt. Texture in music can be found on how the lyrics and tone are put together. In architecture, its texture lies on the variable and how they are interrelated with each other. Their interaction and mixture can be deemed as texture.

If you are able to read up to this paragraph, you might be surprise to find out that music and architecture and music has a lot of things in common. Actually almost all elements of music can be found in architecture.

As mentioned earlier, music and architecture has more than one commonalities. The good thing about this is through those similarities, they both can benefit each other. It is better to have more similarities because it will lead to more influence.