Music Creation Guide

Making music is now easier and less expensive than it has ever been. This guide will teach you how to write and record your first song, as well as which music programs you’ll need. You can also ask your friend or ask your best tutor such as ‘Distinction Tutors’ to help you.

What do I need to start writing my first song?

It is not uncommon for a subject to overwhelm you. Don’t be discouraged by this. Nobody becomes a musician, sound engineer, or music producer overnight. On your first song, you won’t be able to do everything perfectly. The only thing that matters is that you start making music in the first place. As a result, it’s best to start from the beginning.

Which program should I use to make music?

You’ll need a suitable program, a processor that supports it, and enough free space on your hard drive if you want to make music on your computer. The music program, also known as DAW, is nowadays the command center for creating music (Digital Audio Workstation). Each piece of music software has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, as well as being better suited to one or more musical genres.

The entire program is available. Suitable for any genre that includes recorded instruments and vocals (rock, pop, etc.). With a starting price of 50 euros, it is very affordable. For production, plugins must be purchased.

FL Studio
Many people laugh at a well-equipped production environment. It provides a simple introduction to EDM and hip hop, as well as a welcoming community eager to assist.

PreSonus Studio One
This DAW has a lot of advantages, and it gets better with each new version. This is a versatile all-rounder with a lovely surface and excellent performance. The cost is also less than that of well-known brands.

Logic Pro
If you only use a Mac, Apple’s Logic Pro is a good option. This is a true all-rounder that can handle everything from rock to EDM and comes with a lot of features out of the box. The biggest flaw is that there is no Windows version.

Ableton Live
This music program differs from the others in that it is loop-oriented. It’s especially good for electronic music genres to make an entire song out of a loop. We’d rather listen to something else if we’re looking for pop, rock, or more handcrafted music. Deficiency: Extremely costly.

Which music software should you use?

Which DAW software you use should be determined by your personal preferences as well as the type of music you want to create. Another option is to become acquainted with your friends. They can then assist you if you have any questions. Support for the programs is also important; Reaper and FL Studio have a very supportive community, whereas Cubase’s manufacturer can take several weeks to respond to a support request.

Do I need an audio interface to create music?

Interface (English) is a term that can be translated as “interface.” In this case, an electronic adaptation of the signal connects two otherwise incompatible devices (s). Analog signals must first be digitized before they can be read and processed by a computer when making music on your own. The audio interface’s analog/digital converters are responsible for this. The interface also does the opposite: it receives a digital signal from the computer that your monitor speakers and/or headphones are unable to decode. This generates an analog signal, which is then converted into sound waves by the speakers and output devices.