Spotify vs. Apple Music: Which is better?



You apparently already know that you can access music without having to go to a music store, or buying every song that you like in iTunes to download so you can listen to it anytime on your mobile phones under 30000. In the present times, the best music streaming apps contain millions of songs in their system, give you the option to customize playlist based on the music that you like, and provide exclusive shows and podcasts.

The question is, which should you avail especially if you are an Apple user? Spotify or Apple Music? Continue reading to find our more.


As of now, Spotify is the most used streaming app for several reasons, but there’s one reason that stands out from the rest. It has the same consistent experience whether you are an android or apple user. It’s not perfect, of course,  but highlights rolled out to the iOS variant follow on Android not too shortly after. These competitive music services seldom have concerns with specific programs, like the clunky Android variant of Apple Music or the Windows app for Tidal that sometimes won’t opearate.

Other than having a centralized app experience, Spotify has a large catalog of music (35+ million songs), the best playlist recommendations, helpful, yet non-intrusive social functions, and a assortment of plans (promos for students and family) that make it perfect for most music listeners with smartphones.

Apple Music

Apple Music has a lot going for its exclusivity. Beats 1 is known for its several well-known artists that utilize their corresponding radio shows to promote and showcase new music and collabs. If you’re fond of popular artists, you may find all or majority of the songs in apple music. The qualiyt of the music is typically better than Spotify’s,  primarly because it uses 256kbps AAC bitrate, in comparison to the max 320kbps Ogg Vorbis that is being used by spotify.

Aside from that, tit also features digital locker that the users can utilize, to have access to more than hundreds of thousands of songs. Best of all, you can also download these songs so you can listen offline.