Remedies To Recover Voice

It is inevitable not to overuse our voices especially if our profession requires us to use it for hours without enough rest or intervals. This is why singers really do their best and everything not to lose their voices in spite of rehearsals and non-stop-performances. But what should they do to recover it if ever they lost their voices?

  1. Drink plenty of fluids. And if you are a singer, warm water will work best. Though singer or not if you overuse your voice it is advisable to drink warm water instead of cold. You also have to avoid caffeinated drinks. Caffeinated drinks can cause dehydration.
  2. Warm soup will also help soothe the throat.
  3. Rest. Together with keeping yourself hydrated, there is no way to get the voice back but to have enough rest.
  4. Gargle some warm water with salt to heal the throat. Three times a day is what studies recommend.
  5. Avoid eating sweets. Singers avoid sweets as it ruin the quality of their voices.
  6. Have some essential oil. During hot shower, and while sleeping, and even relaxing. Essential oils are proven to be therapeutic. It will surely have an impact to your way getting your voice back.
  7. Forget about smoking and drinking alcohol. If you want to succeed in the music industry, you have to keep in your mind that what you sell and how you sell your self is through your voice. Vices will do no good for you it will also ruin the quality of your voice.
  8. Know when to call and see a doctor. Listed above are home remedies. Remember that fixing your voice is not as easy as sprinkler repair. If you feel that none is working from the home remedies that you know, immediately schedule an appointment with your doctor and seek for a medical help.