Setting Up a DIY Home Intercom System

Whenever homeowners are thinking of setting up an intercom system in their home, they frequently opt for off-the-shelf solution. And this can be pretty expensive because getting such system might just cost consumers from 150 to 1,000 dollars. With less costly devices, you are actually capable of creating your own intercom system in which every part of the house will be covered. Whether you need for your game room where you have bought your gears from housetech, in the living room, garage and whatnot, you’ll be covered.

On the other hand, it will take more work in the process but it can literally save you more in the long run.

Smartphone Intercom System

Due to the reason that everyone in the house most probably has a smartphone, it does makes sense to make use of them as an intercom system. This approach does not necessarily need you to buy any hardware. All that has to be done is to download a walkie-talkie app for your smartphone platform.

Now, in creating the intercom system, you simply have to create your group and then, add contacts of people who are in that household. Initiating voice conversation with everyone else in your house is as basic as tapping the mic icon and then talk.

Everyone who has the app is going to receive notification right from their device that there is a new message. They can simply listen to what you have broadcasted and reply by tapping onto the mic icon.

Bluetooth Speaker Intercom System

In this modern time, there are countless of Bluetooth speakers that are available on the market. With high competition for these products, the prices plummeted to make appeal to more people. As a matter of fact, you can buy a number of Bluetooth speakers and put them around your house for as low as 40 to 60 dollars each.

With the Bluetooth speaker placed, anyone in your house can connect to the speaker easily using their device. As soon as the speakers are set up and turned on, installing the apps for the speaker is going to be the last step.