The Benefits Of Listening To Music While Running

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Listening to Music While Running – Its Benefits

For majority of runners, music is something they need to enjoy their run as increasingly more runners are utilizing headphones or earpieces to mask any distractions that are in their minds to push themselves to complete a run. A survey in 2016 by Runner’s World showed that 61% of runners listen to something for the duration of their run, and 82% of those runners groove to their preferred music. Similar results came up in a Running USA trend study in 2017, wherein over half of runners say that they enjoy to connect to a podcast or playlist whilst running.

Over the years, there have researches on the benefits of listening to music while running. Here are a few:

You Get Motivated

There are times when a runner feel don’t have the drive to train for a marathon. For those kinds of days, your much loved playlist of songs will give you that motivation you require to push through. Music raises the positive moods like joy and enthusiasm and happiness, and diminishes negative moods like anxiety, exhaustion, as well as confusion.

Sports psychologist, Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., agrees that enthralling music could aid runners into putting their mindset at an optimum level to deal with and get through that dreaded run. Karageorghis studies on the positive impact of music on athletes.

Music Helps in Maintaining Consistent Pace

Some runners opt to run without listening to music in order to focus on crucial cues, like their foot strikes and their breathing to assist them in controlling their pace. Listening to music or podcast, especially when done properly, could help with a runner’s pacing as they train.

Runs Could Become Easy

A research at Keele University, England reported that, listening to your favored songs while running decreases the levels of exertion and raises your concentration. Therefore, as runners listen to music, they are placed “in the zone” wherein they become more motivated, more focused which ultimately makes their run or training a lot easier.