The Importance of Music in Plant Growth

Most of us are aware that playing songs for plants helps them grow quicker. So, can music stimulate plant growth, or is it another urban legend? Can plants really recognize sounds? Do they really like music? Read on to discover what professionals have to say about the impacts of music on plant growth

Can Music Accelerate Plant Development?

Believe it or not, several studies have shown that performing music for plants really does encourage faster, more vigorous growth. In 1964, an Indian botanist conveyed a lot of experiments on music and plant growth. He discovered that particular plants grew an additional 20 percent in height when opened to music, with considerably better progress in biomass.

Almost the same outcomes were found for horticultural crops, like  peanuts, rice and tobacco, when music is played through amplifiers placed throughout the field. A Colorado greenhouse owner tested several kinds of plants and different genres of music. She discovered that plants “listening” to upbeat music declined quickly and passed out within a few of weeks, while plants flourished when revealed to classical music.

How Does Music Impact Plant Development?

When it comes to learning the impacts of music on plant growth, it shows that it isn’t so much about the “qualities” of the music, but more to do with the waves generated by the sound waves. In basic terms, the vibrations create movement in the plant cells, which spurs the plant to provide more nutrients. If plants don’t react well to rock music, it isn’t since they “like” classical better. Nevertheless, the vibrations generated by loud rock music produce better pressure that isn’t helpful to plant growth.

Studies also show that so far there is no convincing scientific proof that presenting music for plants helps them develop and that more accurate tests are required with thorough control over parts such as light, water, and soil composition. Interestingly, they suggest that plants displayed to music may develop since they maintain top-level care and special recognition from their caretakers. Food for thought!