The Musical About Comfort Women Needs Improvement

Even in the world of musical, the pains and struggles of many comfort women, The Comfort Women |, during the WWII is memorialized. The topic about sex slavery among Korean women prior to and through Second World War is unquestionably well worth exploring through a traditional musical content. However, the same issues concerning the viability associated with this type of forbidding subject for this kind of generally buoyant kind did not hinder the producers of the musical show. So a musical play regarding the predicament of Korean women pushed directly into prostitution is necessarily not an awful idea.

While this great musical had been launched with a great purpose, the musical still needs a lot of honing so that it would be more likely acceptable in the Broadway rather than just a college production. Powerful delivery would not conceal the weak points of the play by itself.

Critiques Surrounding Comfort Women: A New Musical

For all intents and purpose of the play, there is always room for improvisation. The actors in the play will have to go through more workshops in order to perfect their presence on stage. After all, a musical is not about hitting high notes, it’s all about singing the words asking for the proper emotion from the singer.

We all know about the controversies of this very sensitive topic. And despite these controversies, many people have invested time and finances to make this project work. It is just proper that all actors and characters participating in this musical will have to give their best-est shot in order to portray history in the closest possible means.

Bottom line is that the industry of music particularly in theater understand the severity of this topic as well as the controversies behind it. But regardless, they took it on them to share to the world what the world ought to know so that it won’t happen again in the future.