Tik Tok : More than Just a Music-Sharing App for Teenagers

Tik Tok is primarily a music sharing app, to which young people worldwide have developed such an affinity for the platform it is now a part of their lifestyle. Once a teenager becomes a Tik Tok user, he or she is bound to become a Tik Tok user forever; not letting a day pass without checking out the “For You” feed for new video clips that can make their young life so much brighter.

Today, Tik Tok’s 3 to 60-second video-sharing platform distributes not only clips about music, or silly just-for-laugh skits, and/or dance challenges but also expressions of anxieties. Teenagers find a lot of issues and situations depressing while in that life stage in which they do not have total control over their life. Finding out from Tik Tok that they are not alone or that other teens have to deal with more serious issues, somehow makes feelings of loneliness and insecurities a lot easier to bear and handle.


Parents are No Longer Baffled Why Their Children are Addicted to Tik Tok

While many parents used to take issue over their children’s addictive behavior toward Tik Tok, the COVID-19 lockdown period gave them a different perspective about the social media platform. Not a few found enjoyment in bonding with their children by taking part in the dance challenges. Still, not all Tik Tok teens are fortunate to have “cool” parents or at least be willing to find out what makes Tik Tok an important part of their daily routine.

Recently, Claudia Conway, the 15-year old daughter of George and Kelly Anne Conway, became instrumental in making parents realize that the video-sharing app is not just about wackiness and memes. Due to the popularity (notoriety?) of Claudia’s parents, her posts not only went viral. They also became a news item that went on for days after Kelly Anne announced her resignation as presidential adviser to Donald Trump.

Some of Claudia’s trending posts reflected her teenage life in the Conway home, in which one was captioned as “”You think u can hurt my feelings? lol my mom is kellyanne conway.”; while she also tweeted that the only thing that she and her father George Conway politically agree on is hatred for Trump.

Although Claudia asked her followers not to post hateful tweets to her parents, she had at one time jokingly asked Democratic House Representative Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez to adopt her. Apparently, the post that sent alarm signals was when she announced that she was taking a break from Tik Tok as she needed to attend to her mental health.

At Tik Tok, it is now common for teenagers to express why a particular song is meaningful and and it gives them consolation to find out there are others who experience similar feelings when hearing that song. While music has been proven as having a good effect on one’s mental health, having a platform through which one can reach peers makes a song more meaningful.

Parenting and lifestyle have become important topics among netizens. That is why we are also encouraging parents and young people to write for us lifestyle related or not, as a way to reach people looking for meaningful and helpful content.