A New Concept To Allow Live Concerts In Large Halls

The concert (and music) industry was hit hard by the corona pandemic. In Cologne, they worked on a concept for a return of arena events – despite the financial risks. The main thing is not to be forgotten. Something is happening in other cities too.

Lanxess Arena – Cologne

Separate seating boxes, contactless admission, meticulous planning of walking routes. While preparing this new concept called for the help of many builders and removal companies, this can allow people to enjoy live music and provide income for music artists while managing the fear brought on by the COVID-19 virus. After the Corona break in Cologne, this new concept allowed many people to watch live concerts in a large hall for the first time.

The organizers are expecting around 80,000 visitors in the Lanxess-Arena, the largest event hall in Germany, over around 100 shows by August 2020, as they announced on Thursday. Other concert halls are also thinking about ways out of the Corona crisis.

Almost 900 are allowed into an arena for 20,000

The frame in Cologne is, however, much smaller than usual for the gigantic arena, which actually fits 20,000 people. Around 900 visitors are allowed, the appearances should have the character of a club concert. In order to meet the corona requirements, the hall was also rebuilt. In the interior, there are many small plexiglass boxes (“cubes”) that are open to the stage. They can accommodate a total of 224 visitors. Another 672 are distributed at intervals on the lower tier.

To prevent too many people from meeting each other, the arena was divided into five independent zones, each with its own exit, its own toilets, and its own drinks stands. Switching between the zones is not possible. There are also strict hygiene rules. Masks, for example, may only be removed from the seat. According to the organizers, the concept is “unique” across Europe in the fallow concert industry.