Workout with music increases motivation

A lot goes better with music. A workout with music will become less monotonous mainly when it comes to routine workout and endurance sports. Numerous people like those interested in Member XXL acknowledge the fact that training can be fun with music. So it is normal to grab MP3 players or smartphones and headphones for training and cheer and motivate yourself while listening to the playlist you’ve put on together.

Advantage of training with music

A clear advantage: Training with music is often just more fun. Of course, it can be nice to think about it while running, to solve a tricky problem, or just to enjoy nature. Quite a few even find running meditative because a flow state can be achieved through constant repetition of the sequence of movements. It is very pleasant to let music bring you into positive emotional states. In addition, the right music can even make you faster and motivate you with rousing beats. Some can also concentrate better on their training if they push the environment a little away through the music.

Tips for working out with music

  • The smallest possible MP3 player, which can be flexibly attached to your sportswear with a clip, is most practical. The lighter your player is, the lower the risk that it will start to oscillate and disturb you with its own movements.
  • If you never go outside the door without your smartphone anyway and you also use it to play your workout with music, a suitable holder on a bracelet or a top with a suitable pocket in which the phone sits securely is a good idea. Holding it in your hand all the time while running can be a chore.
  • Special sports headphones, in addition to regular in-ear models, that promise a particularly firm fit can also be used as headphones. They are often offered with a Bluetooth function so that you don’t have to fiddle with a cable, which can get tangled or get stuck somewhere. These practical helpers for your workout with music are no longer particularly expensive.

The right fitness music ensures variety and fun during training. You can find suitable playlists on our Spotify account, for example.